Soothing Solutions for Sensitive Skin: The Power of Goat Milk

When a need turns into purpose...I help you indulge in self care through skincare with a fusion of comfort and aroma.

My handcrafted goat milk skincare offers sensitive skin relief without compromising on the irresistible scents that envelop you.

Experience your skin to being nurtured to unparalleled softness and health, as I redefine skincare with nature and science.


People Say The Nicest Things...

Thank you so much for creating a soap for sensitive skin.

...My daughter suffers from eczema and the Zhi soap is the only one that doesn't have negative effects on her skin.

I love the DewLips Lip Kit!

I really love how it makes my lips feel after applying everything within the kit. Definitely good for the colder months ahead.

Self Care for the Five Senses Book

This was really helpful for me, because I was not taking time for myself and it showed me how important it is.

Most Wonderful...Whipped Shea Butter

It is a GREAT product. Most wonderful to the skin.

Just the perfect touch for our event.

Kim went above and beyond to make sure we had our items within 2 weeks of ordering! Will definitely use her again!!

What goes on at Zhi? So glad you asked!

Kim formulates and crafts...

 ...goat milk skincare products for folks who are tired of sensitive skin and skincare that makes it worse. No one should be forced to deal with itchy, irritated, or dry skin after a shower, bath...or any time of day, really.  So Zhi products are formulated with sensitivity in mind. They are FREE of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other toxins that inflame sensitive skin and FULL of natural moisturizers and skin-loving ingredients. Home fragrances are lung friendly and planet friendly so your home (or car or workspace) is filled with amazing aromas instead of carcinogens. Create a moment and breathe easy at the same time.

Kim loves designing and writing...

 ...about the importance of using skincare products are are, at the very least mostly all natural.  Organic skincare is best, but she also understand not everyone has access. So she writes to inform people about skincare and how to choose what's right, based on your skin type AND based on what ingredients to avoid. Her work is here ---> E-Books & SwagHer Magazine. If she's not writing, she is designing coloring books to help others find comfort and focus in coloring.

Kim teaches self care through skincare... help women how critically important it is to take the time for self. Being too busy with all the things can take a toll physically and mentally, so moments (even little ones) are vital to prevent