10 Ways to Elevate Your Space (and Mood) with Room Spray

10 Ways to Elevate Your Space (and Mood) with Room Spray

Room sprays have long been a staple in many homes, but did you know their potential goes far beyond simply masking odors? The right scent can transform your space and even influence your mood and well-being. Let's explore ten creative ways to use room spray and unlock its full potential.

Living Room: The heart of your home deserves a scent that welcomes and relaxes. Lavender or chamomile can foster tranquility, while citrus can energize the atmosphere for gatherings or just relaxing.

    Bedroom: Linen sprays on bedding create a haven for restful sleep. Lavender, vanilla, or chamomile are soothing choices.
    Bathroom: Banish bathroom odors with refreshing scents like citrus, ocean breeze, or eucalyptus.
    Office/Workspace: Enhance focus and productivity with peppermint, rosemary, or lemon in your workspace.
    Entryway: Make a lasting first impression with a welcoming scent like citrus, vanilla, or floral notes.
    Closets and Storage Areas: Freshen up stored items with linen spray. Lavender, cedarwood, or classic linen scents are perfect.

      Car: Don't let your car become a haven for stale odors. A spritz of your favorite room spray can make all the difference.
      Gym Bag: Eliminate post-workout smells from your gym bag with deodorizing citrus, tea tree, or lavender spray.
      After Cooking: Banish lingering cooking odors with citrus, vanilla, or cinnamon spray.
      Pet Areas: Neutralize pet odors with a pet-friendly spray to keep your home smelling fresh.

        BONUS! Shower: A quick spritz of your shower walls with your fave spray can make your shower an enjoyable experience too! Eucalyptus Mint when I'm stuffy, Sanctuary or Lemongrass Rose when I need calm.  Bubbly Brunch or Ginger Saffron when I need a pick-me-up!

        But why stop there? Room spray can be a powerful tool for personal well-being. As someone living with psoriasis, I've found that room spray helps me feel confident and comfortable in my space, despite the challenges of the condition. It's a simple way to boost my mood and create a positive atmosphere...Sanctuary is my all time fave!

        So next time you reach for your room spray, remember its potential to elevate your space and your mood. Experiment with different scents and placements to find what works best for you. You might be surprised at the transformative power of a few simple spritzes!

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        stay beautiful til next time...

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