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Specialty Goat Milk Cleansing Bar

Specialty Goat Milk Cleansing Bar

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Goat Milk Soap's Vitamin A and natural milk fat work hard to cleanse without irritating your skin's natural oils.

All soaps are unscented except for the natural aroma from the ingredients (cocoa butter, shea butter, or oatmeal).

What’s In It?

Activated charcoal - to purify skin deep into pores

Ground Oatmeal - to calm itchy, irritated skin

Lemon and Thyme - to polish skin for a smooth, healthy glow

Aloe Vera - to cool and calm agitated skin. Great for sunburn or inflammed skin!

Creator's Tale

Everyone's needs are different...mine from yours, yours from someone else's. I created these bars to target the specific needs of the skin. Dark spots and blemishes will enjoy Turmeric bars, Eczema sufferers will benefit from oatmeal bars to soothe the itch. I think you can see how this works. Either way, these bars are made for the most common skin issues...

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