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Meet Kim

Kimberly Cross - Zhi Bath & Body

HOW IT BEGAN (Short Version)


HOW IT BEGAN (Long Version)

Kim Cross is the Happy Skin Formulator and proud Navy veteran.  She served in the U.S. Navy, following the footsteps of a long line of servicemembers.  Her military service took her from Chicago to Florida to Washington State and several trips overseas defending the country she so loves.  She often speaks of how fascinating it was to experience the different types of planes and jets for the various branches of the military and how each one works together to complete the same mission.  It is what inspired her to remain in the aviation industry at the end of her enlistment. She never was completely satisfied with being out of the military, so she began to follow her original passion of being a hair stylist--a trade she had been active in since middle school.  Constant exposure to water and chemicals made a skin condition she developed in the Navy worsen, so she finally came from behind the stylist chair after more than 20 years in the cosmetology industry.  With her skin out of control, she began her journey to entrepreneurship when finding skincare products that did not agitate her already inflamed skin became almost impossible. Knowing the hardship of finding skincare that is gentle, good for the skin, and smells amazing, Kim used the grit and determination learned in the military to research and formulate her own solution.  Zhi Bath & Body was born from years of trial and error with formulas and testing. For almost 18 years, her goat milk skincare and soy candles have been helping people of all ages and skin types to love their skin…naturally.



Over the almost two decades since starting Zhi (pronounced chee), Kim has begun teaching future generations the art and science of formulating and crafting natural skincare products. She has been featured in numerous magazines such as Fashion Gxd, Huami Magazine, and SwagHer Magazine. In 2020, she was recognized by her local VA for her work collecting cold weather gear for local homeless veterans and their families. Most recently she was a 2021 Finalist for the 5th Annual Veteran & Military Spouse Entrepreneur Awards. 

She is also a published author; known for her writing on natural skincare, military news, and youth leadership. Check out swagheronline.com to read her work!

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Kim firmly believes that hard work, a heart for giving, and passion can touch the masses. Her motto is, “Keep pushing; the easiest job is the one you love most and can monetize. Mine is handcrafting fantastic, high-quality goat's milk skincare products, educating people on the dangers of toxins in skincare, and sprinkling love into the community. "
That motto and awesome mentors led her to create a community where people could be encouraged to practice self care, then get exclusive savings products at the same time.  She firmly believes that people cannot pour from empty cups...InnerZhi VIP (sms subscribers) is her way to help with just that with bi-weekly text messages to help you practice self care.
InnerZhi Membership
Kim also sends weekly text messages filled with ways to take care of you without spending a fortune, updates on classes, and exclusives on Zhi products
Kim comes from a family of people who serve--in both the community as ministers and for the country in almost every branch of the military.  She is a mom to two teenage business owners and a military spouse to a Navy Seabee who is also a veteran. When she isn’t working on a new private label product for a client or teaching a class on soapmaking, Kim loves to teach her boys the ins and outs of business outside of creating a new paracord braid or tee shirt design.  As a multi-passionate creative, she takes great pleasure in calming her soul through prayer, adult coloring books (the newest book she designed will be a "color with me" release), gardening, cruising, binge-watching Marvel & Star Wars Movies, reading, talking to her house plants, and amateur photography. 


  • Favorite Bible verse: I Peter 4:10
  • Favorite food: Mac-n-Cheese and Coco Puffs
  • Favorite drink: Coffee/Mango Pepsi
  • Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing and The Color Purple
  • Favorite product: Ultimate Moisture for Dry Skin
  • Favorite color: Any shade of purple