Kim Cross

Zhi Bath and Body is a small business based in Charlotte, NC, owned by veteran Kimberly Cross. Kim has lived with dermatitis and severe psoriasis for over twenty years and knows the hardship of finding products that are gentle, good for the skin, and smell amazing.

As she was looking to relieve her own skin ailments with custom skincare blends that included goat’s milk and various butters, Kim began to create products that helped others with similar problems. Having spent years working in salons as a stylist, Kim was already familiar with creating solutions for specific hair & skin issues.

Sixteen years later, Zhi is a dream that is continually becoming a reality for the owner and happy skin formulator.  The company’s vision is simple:

  • Help others by making skincare painless.
  • Be an example of a disability like Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis doesn't disqualify one from success and leaving a legacy.
  • Do much good.

Zhi exists to be of service to any and all by providing skincare products and home fragrance that promote healthy skin, healthy lives, and a healthier environment. Their purpose is simple; to make skincare products and candles made of natural ingredients for all to enjoy--even the most sensitive--as an alternative to mass produced products loaded with toxic chemicals. The company offers goat’s milk skincare, soy candles, and home fragrances. Kim also provides white-labeled services on demand for those interested in creating product lines. She now offers virtual and in-person crafting classes for individuals and groups.

Kim firmly believes that hard work, a giving heart, and passion can touch the masses. Her motto is, “Keep pushing; the easiest job is the one you love most. Mine is handcrafting fantastic, high-quality goat's milk skincare products and home fragrance. What can I teach you today?”

What can we craft for you? Email us to discuss your skincare needs and the possibility of a custom blended skincare regimen!
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