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TranquilDrive Car Diffuser

TranquilDrive Car Diffuser

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Clip-On Car Diffuser - .3fl oz - 8ml

This clip-on car diffuser is your month-long companion for moments of bliss on the road. Stresses of traffic jams and hectic commutes can melt away so you can embrace a sanctuary of calmness right in the comfort of your car. A scent-sational adventure with every twist and turn on the road accompanied by a wave of calming fragrance. 

  • Sanctuary - bergamot, sea salt, peony, light musk, and marine
  • Island Batik - sweet orange, cotton blossoms, wood, and powder
  • Mystic Lotus - succulent melon, jasmine and lotus blossoms, sandalwood, and musk
  • Tropical Rosewood - green leaves, driftwood, fig, hint of musk

What’s In It?

- At least 5 weeks (depending on driving habits)
- Can be used without clip for personal space calm
- Refill options coming in the near future

Lasting Relaxation:
A scent-sational adventure with every twist and turn on the road accompanied by a wave of calming fragrances. Bid farewell to stress and embrace the joy of relaxation that lasts mile after mile. This little bottle of amazing helps every drive be fill with an ambiance of peace and relaxation, turning all your trips into therapeutic escapes...I tend to think of when I was stationed in Venice.

Crafted for Comfort:
It's a super cool design with an effortless clip-on mechanism. TranquilDrive adds a pop of style to your car interior while transforming it into a haven of peace. Easy to install and even easier to enjoy, it's the perfect accessory!

Wellness on Wheels:
With TranquilDrive by your side, you'll not only arrive at your destination but also arrive rejuvenated, ready to conquer whatever the day throws your way.

Join the TranquilDrive Movement:
Step into a world where every journey is an opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate. Embrace the allure of relaxation, and let TranquilDrive be your trusted companion on the road to serenity.

Transform your drive today with TranquilDrive! LIFE is a in style.

Creator's Tale

I'm offering this genius little calm-maker because the NUMBER ONE reason to even have calm in the car is to promote safety for YOU, your passengers, and others on the road.

Driving in a relaxed and composed state, you're better able to focus on the road ahead, anticipate potential hazards, and react swiftly and decisively to unexpected situations.

Ultimately, fostering a serene atmosphere in the car not only enhances the enjoyment of the journey but also prioritizes the well-being and safety of everyone. Did I mention your olfactory will thank you when the sweaty kiddos finish practice? :D

Eco Vibes

Recyclable or reusable. These glass jars can be recycled or refilled to enjoy more calm during your ride/drive.

Ship Smart

Car diffusers are eligible for free shipping! Orders containing only diffusers will ship for free. Please place a separate order for additional supplies to maintain free shipping. Valid for US shipping only.

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