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Scent Free Goat Milk Cleansing Bar

Scent Free Goat Milk Cleansing Bar

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Scent Free Goat Milk Cleansing Bar - 5.5oz/156g

Goat Milk Soap's Vitamin A and natural milk fat work hard to cleanse without irritating your skin's natural oils or your sensitive nose. Plus, our awesome mix of activated charcoal, oatmeal, ground lemon & thyme, and extra moisturizers will leave you feeling fresh and hydrated.

    Unscented except for the natural aroma from the cocoa butter and shea butter.

    What’s In It?

    Perfect for those with fragrance allergies or anyone who prefers to let their favorite cologne or perfume shine without any interference. It's time to treat your skin to the care it deserves!

    - Sensitivity Solved: Yep, some skin types are like divas when it comes to scents – no added fragrances, just pure goodness for even the fussiest of skin.

    - Allergy Alert: With allergies on the rise, we've got your back! My Scent Free skincare goodies are fragrance-free superheroes to pamper your olfactory too!

    - Personal Preference Party: Who says skincare has to compete with your signature scent? Not me! This lineup lets your favorite cologne or perfume take the spotlight while the products work their magic behind the scenes.

    Creator's Tale

    My Scent Free Goat Milk Skincare is all about fragrance-free pampering! That's why these products are like a breath of fresh air, swooping in to save the day for those with sensitive sniffers.

    Eco Vibes

    This bar will leave nothing behind except the molded pulp box. Please recycle!

    Ship Smart

    Shipping this bar is a breeze – no special requirements needed! Your cleansing bar will be expertly packed with love and an eco-friendly flair, featuring either compostable peanuts or recycled kraft paper to guard against any bumps in transit.

    I believe in keeping it simple and sustainable, so rest assured your order will arrive in pristine condition without any fuss. Unbox the joy without worrying about a thing!

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