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2024 Undated Self-Care Planner (Printable)

2024 Undated Self-Care Planner (Printable)

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15 Printable Pages (Updated for 2024 and Free when you Join Family Circle!)

2024 Undated Printable Self Care Planner – your schedule's new BFF! It's not just a calendar; it's your personal self-care wizard. Set goals, ditch the mundane, and bask in the glory of your rejuvenation journey. It's time for a self-love fiesta! 🌟

*Enjoy coloring?  Grab my newest adult coloring book: Be Still & Color Volume 2: Give Yourself Flowers.

What’s In It?

2024 Calendar
How-To for your planner
Self Care Tracking
Coloring Pages + More

When planning your self care or using the coloring/activity sheets, be sure to set the atmosphere with a calming candle or room spray fragrance to help you focus and plan with ease. I suggest: Vanilla+Cardamom, Mimosa + Mandarin, Smoked Lavender

Creator's Tale

It's siimple, I created this planner with the firm belief that we don't do what we don't plan, and why not extend that wisdom to our well-deserved self-care routines?

Eco Vibes

This digital dynamo is your guilt-free ticket to planning paradise. Go ahead, hit that print button sparingly, and let the good vibes flow as you create a planner as unique as you are. Choose recycled paper for an extra eco-high-five and revel in the fact that you're not just organizing your life, but also saving trees in style! 🌱

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