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Self Care Candle Kit

Self Care Candle Kit

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Illuminate Your Creativity with our DIY Candle Crafting Kit!  Dive into a world of self-care and creativity with our enchanting DIY Candle Crafting Kit. Unleash your inner artisan as you embark on a soothing journey to create personalized candles that not only light up your space but also elevate your well-being.

🎨 What's Inside:
- One 7oz jar with a charming cork top
- One wick for the perfect glow
- One chalk label for a touch of personalization
- One warning label (because safety first!)
- Six 1oz bags of colored, scented sand wax to spark your senses
- Easy-to-follow instructions for a seamless crafting experience

 SAVE 15-20% when you buy 10 or more kits and shipping is on me!

What’s In It?

Why You'll Love It?
- Crafted for Wellness: Each element curated with your well-being in mind.
- Endless Possibilities: Mix and match colors, scents, and designs for a truly unique creation.
- Stress-Free Crafting: No experience required – just unwind and let your creativity flow.
- Perfect for Gifting: Spread the joy of DIY self-care, surprise a friend with a personalized touch, or make the office holiday party more festive!

Get ready to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with our DIY Candle Crafting Kit. Whether you're seeking a solo escape or planning a festive gathering, this kit is your ticket to a world of relaxation and radiant creativity.  Order Now and Let the Crafting Magic Begin!

Creator's Tale

I want everyone to enjoy taking time for themselves and candle making with sand wax is the perfect project to allow you to focus, retreat into your own world for about 30 minutes, AND have a finished product you'll be proud of.

Oh! And it smells amazing when lit!

Eco Vibes

Ship Smart

Candle kits are individually packed in sturdy, shippable boxes that don't require additional packaging.

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