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Athletes & Essential Oils E-Book 2nd Edition

Athletes & Essential Oils E-Book 2nd Edition

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UPDATED!  8-Page Printable E-Book

Essential oils...the MVPs in every athlete's playbook! From preventing injuries to revving up that post-workout recovery, these magical potions are your new fitness besties. Our e-book spills the beans with recipes to boost muscle circulation and kick post-workout soreness to the curb. Whether you're a runner or a dancer, show your body some love and bounce back like a champ! 💪🌿

What’s In It?

Basic educational information about essentials oils and how they can be used to help muscle recovery as well as recipes for the dancer and runner in your life.

Remedies are not a replacement for a doctor's care. Please see a physician for serious injury. If concerned about essential oils in general, consult your doctor or trainer prior to use.

Creator's Tale

Inspired by my two energetic athletes, this e-book spills the beans on my personal quest to prevent injuries and minimize recovery time using the power of nature. Inside, you'll find a playbook of knowledge, revealing the wonders of essential oils and how they can seamlessly integrate into your athlete's routine. 💪🌿

Because every athlete deserves a strategy that not only enhances performance but also nurtures their well-being. So, join me in flipping the pages of the "Athletes and Essential Oils E-Book" and unlock the natural remedies that can be game-changers for your athletes. After all, a victory without unnecessary medications is a victory for everyone involved!

Eco Vibes

Go ahead, hit that print button sparingly, and let the good vibes flow as you create a natural recovery remedies. Choose recycled paper for an extra eco-high-five and revel in the fact that you're not just organizing your life, but also saving trees in style! 🌱

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