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Goat Milk Liquid Hand Cleanser

Goat Milk Liquid Hand Cleanser

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NEW LOWER PRICE!  Goat Milk Liquid Hand Cleanser - 7.5oz/163ml Clear Glass Bottle

Frequent hand washing got your hands ALWAYS dry? My Goat Milk Liquid Soap has a creamy-rich texture and a bounty of vitamins and natural milk fat and effective, gentle cleansing WITHOUT dryness.

32oz and 1/2 gallon sizes available. Send email

What’s In It?

Plus, it's scented to work with even the most allergy-prone folks.

Perfect for bathroom sinks, kitchens, break room sinks, doctor's offices, dentist offices...wherever clean hands that are NOT dry are needed!

Sanctuary - bergamot, sea salt, peony, light musk, and marine

Island Batik - sweet orange, cotton blossoms, wood, and powder

Mystic Lotus - succulent melon, jasmine and lotus blossoms, sandalwood, and musk

Tropical Rosewood - green leaves, driftwood, fig, hint of musk

Citrus Amber Musk - fresh melons, citrus, lavender, cedar, hint of musk

Peppered Orange - chili peppers, juicy oranges, guava, peppercorn

Creator's Tale

My esthetician friends needed a way to keep themselves and their clients safe without having to apply creams and lotions or without having very dry skin from frequent hand washing.

This goat milk cleanser is formulated to keep hands clean without being dry.

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