Easy Peasy Indoor Humidity Check

Easy Peasy Indoor Humidity Check

Hey good people!  Did you know the humidity in your home could be the source of nagging dry/irritated skin, infectious illness spreading, and worsening allergy symptoms?

Yep!  The humidity levels in your space could be off...and since my theme this month is combatting dry, irritated skin, let's talk about humidity.

Fun facts about indoor humidity levels

I know you didn't come here for a bunch of facts, so here's the skinny on 2 easy ways to check the humidity in your space.

1. Visit your local hardware store and purchase a digital hygrometer.  They are not hard to find and are inexpensive too!

2. The Ice Cube Method...yep, you read that right.  We're checking with ice.

--> Place two or three ice cubes into a glass, add water and stir.

--> Wait three to four minutes...five minutes, tops.

--> If moisture does not form on the outside of the glass, the air is too dry; you may need a humidifier. If water has condensed on the outside of the glass and is dripping down, the level of relative humidity is high.

Cold weather typically means the furnace is on the heat our homes and our bonesThat’s wonderful (I’m beyond thankful for heat)When we increase the heat (especially in newer homes) – just like lowering the temp in summer – we dry the air outDry air is so hard on already dry or itchy or inflammed skin. Increasing indoor humidity levels can prevent the skin from drying out, especially in heated spaces.

Last thing...more more information on indoor humidity, check out information from Mayo Clinic and a report from the NIH.  AND....if you're interested in purchasing a humidifier, Amazon has hundreds of 4+ Star humidifiers for under $50.

Here's to soft, happy skin!


stay beautiful til next time...


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