DIY Candle Fun!

DIY Candle Fun!

There is so much fun in making candles with friends!  They smell amazing and aloe you to tap into some serious creativity.

Imagine enjoying the aromas while focusing on the uniqueness of your personal candle. You’re allowed to choose as many colors or whatever pattern you choose.

There are no mistakes and every candle is as amazing as is creator…no two are the same. Scented sand wax in a variety of colors makes each masterpiece easy to create.

No matter who you are, where you are from, or how old/young. Never feel you’re not creative enough, fun enough, or can’t afford some time to focus on YOU and create somethin wonderful!  The feeling of accomplishment resides in a jar you can look at or burn…the choice is yours.

Say a little prayer for focus and a semi-steady hand and ENJOY!!

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