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Zhi Bath and Body

Whiff Artisan Body Spray

Whiff Artisan Body Spray

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 Our bodyspray's long-lasting fragrance will wow ya - no need to re-spritz every time you use the restroom!

Plus it's eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals, so ya can feel good while you smell good. Whiff Artisan Body Spray: an amazing aroma that's both healthy and heavenly.

 - Pear + Ginseng is a clean, fresh aroma with hints of citrus to brighten any day.

- Ocean Orchid is a unique blend of soft florals combined with green leaves and a hint of musk

- Shaken Not Stirred is a fresh but woodsy blend of botanical gin with hints of fruit and cedar.

- Wood + Teak is modern and complex with the sweetness of amaretto, balsam woods, and hints of musk. Great for him or her.


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