Athletes & Essential Oils

Athletes and Essential Oils E-Book
Essential oils are beneficial for joint health and muscle recovery in athletes. Did you also know essential oils also help athletes and dancers care for their feet? Get your copy to learn more on helping athletes recover and prevent injury
using essential oils - DIY recipes included.

Be Still and Color! For Adults and Teens

This is an uplifting coloring book for adults and teens to help relax and refocus on self care and loving ones self. This first volume of adult coloring books gives gentle reminders of how wonderful you are! There is something directly relevant to me on each of the 8 full pages. Color the front and back cover with ball point pens to enjoy 10 pages! Don't let the size fool you!  It's perfectly sized for portability and gifting.

Available in Paperback or Digital

Current Magazine Article by Kim

Get simple doable ways to love on YOU and each of your five senses.  For example, when washing your face, focus and "feel" your hands cleanse, tone, moisturize, or exfoliate your skin.  Turn it into an experience.  Click the title above to purchase your print copy of this issue.  Available in Print (contact us to purchase) or click here for your digital copy