MAY'S DUO IS HERE! Intimate Cleansing Foam & Whipped Shea Butter for $35! No coupon needed!

May Duo

May Duo

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Irresistible Pussé A blend of yoni-loving essential oils like Rose and Sandalwood help heal and lubricate to prevent/heal dryness and irritation. Organic herbal extracts, Aloe Vera, and hydrosol work to prevent & eliminate uncomfortable itching and odor. 

Our intimate cleansing foam is pH Balanced and formulated to keep your sensitive areas healthy, clean, and fresh.

Whipped Shea ButterWhen you love the benefits and feel of shea butter but don't enjoy how heavy it can feel under the Spring & Summer sun, you make the switch to whipped shea butter!

Enjoy all the benefits of unrefined shea butter whipped into a light moisturizer! Use from head to toe without feeling heavy and clogging pores all year or just in warm months.