July Duos Available Until August 3rd! Get Them While They Last!

July Skincare Duo

July Skincare Duo

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Cleanse & Moisturize this month with July's Duo!

Grab an Unscented* Goat Milk Cleansing Bar for head to toe clean and hydration, then follow up with Summer Skin Body Oil, in your favorite scent, for all day moisture and nourishment...all before getting out of the shower!

Goat milk is loaded with lactic acid needed for helping skin rejuvenate and remove dead skin cells.

Rice Bran and Grapeseed oils moisturize and protect your skin from drying and free radicals WITHOUT clogging pores.

*Unscented indicates no additional fragrance is added. The aroma comes from the butters and oils added to make the bar nourishing.