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Cleanse & Moisturize for Acne

Cleanse & Moisturize for Acne

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Cleanse & Moisturize is the result of helping our teen sons get through puberty while minimizing acne breakouts without needing 10 different products!  Enter Lemongrass & Rosemary goat milk soap and lightly scented lotion!  

Goat milk goes a long way in cleansing the skin without stripping natural oils AND can be used head to toe!

  • It's naturally gentle and contains fatty acids to help replenish healthy skin cells.
  • Lemongrass offers antimicrobial, anti fungal, and antiseptic properties that make it amazing at fighting the bacteria that causes acne.  
  • Rosemary is historically known for controlling oil production of the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties that calm irritation.

We've found that consistently cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice daily offers the most benefit for a healthy glow.



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