Getting Business Done Right

Hey you!  Welcome! I’m super stoked that you’re interested in knowing how I’m getting business done right.

You know I’ve been at this business thing for a while. It’s been sixteen, yes 16, years now and for the first time EVER,  I’m so excited to share that I’ve finally gone from side hustle to full time business owner!

If you want the long version, it will be up on my IG Live channel soon, but the short version is: I invested in Me & Zhi.  Last year I took a course called $1K1Day. I was terrified about taking it because I didn’t want to get scammed, but something about the instructor Nicole Walters pulled me in.

I completed the course in February, I worked on implementing everything I learned and before the end of April I did it!!! For the first time in my life I made almost $1,000 in one day.

The stress levels I used to deal with – gone. My anxiety about keeping up with the bills – gone. The funk I’ve been trying to snap out of – gone. I signed up for the course to try and get some insight and financial breathing room and I ended the course with a renewed spirit and sense of direction!

The past fews months have been a whirlwind! Listen, I’m not sure what’s on your plate right now or even what’s next for you, but I just wanted to let you know if building a business is something you’re even remotely interested in I highly recommend $1K1Day. 

I’m a student of the program, an affiliate of the program, and I just can’t say enough wonderful things about it. Again I’m not sure if building a business is something you’re pursuing, but if it is don’t take my word for it look into her and if you like what you learn take the leap.

This is my affiliate link 1K1Day  …only use it once you’ve done your own research, but should you decide this is right for you, I sure hope you’ll sign up using this link. You WILL NOT not regret it.

Enrollment closes Feb 6th

Love ya bunches!