Custom Skincare Formulation Initial Chat

Custom Skincare Formulation Initial Chat

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Hey there!  Interested in getting natural skincare products or a home fragrance formulated just for you?  You're in the right place!  Lets have a quick chat about it!!

In that time, here's some of what Kim will discuss:

  • Your skin or space

  • Product/Fragrance requested

  • Purpose of the product & solution

  • Time frame for completion


At the conclusion of the initial meeting, you can determine if you'd like to proceed!


Who is the good for?  

Any and everyone who desires a unique product for their unique style or situation. It's for those who are tired of business as usual with taking care of their skin or having home full of carcinogens after using a room/linen spray.  

I'm in skincare and want my own line of products. Who do I talk to?

It all starts here!  Schedule a chat to discuss what solutions you want for your clients and the products you want to offer...along with other considerations for a business setting.

What's the cost?

Costs depend on several things, including: personal use or for business clientele, the complexity of your formulation, type of product, and quantity.  The base range is:

  • PERSONAL - $60 for fragrance formulation (to be used with an existing Zhi product)
  • PERSONAL - $150 for fragrance & product formulation (ie: custom facial mask, toner, candle, room diffuser, etc.)
  • BUSINESS PRIVATE LABEL - Reach out here --> to request pricing details.