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Soy Candle

The Jeffrey Soy Candle

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You need a candle that fills your space with an awesome aroma without having to hide it because it just doesn't fit your decor. The jar is a bit of an eye sore but the smell is worse - it just doesn't smell wonderful unless you're close by.

The Jeffrey addresses all of the above. Uniquely designed for style and function, it fits any decor while smelling amazing just sitting or when it's lit.

Featuring a 100% soy wax candle resting on a bed of smooth river stones and sand, enjoy the benefits of

  • Eco-friendly soy wax - naturally biodegradable 
  • Allergy friendly soy wax - will not pollute your air with harmful carcinogens that agitate allergies and breathing issues
  • Reusable glass jar - when it's burned out, clean out with soap and water to repurpose the jar!



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