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Room & Linen Deodorizer

Room & Linen Deodorizer

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Freshen any space with our long-lasting odor neutralizing room and linen spray! Eliminate stinky airborne odors from:

  • food
  • pet bedding
  • gym shoes & gym bags
  • cigarette smoke
  • cooking odors
  • bathroom bombs
  • you name it

Also freshen and deodorize linens, towels, clothing, and furniture. This water-based liquid is free of harsh chemicals, cruelty free, and vegan.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Give a quick vigorous shake. Spray into air.  For linens: Hold 6-8 inches from surface, then allow to dry.

May discolor certain fabrics and surfaces; always test first.  Spray away from face and eyes and do not spray on pets. For external use only. Do not expose to fire.


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